Take back your “Me Time”.

It took me a while to realize that I wasn’t the center of my own life. Kids have a way of changing your view of the world if you’re willing to accept it. These days I have to fight for any alone time that I have. It means having to get up at 4:30am just to have some quiet time, do things like this, be still, be thoughtful, and be ALONE.

Do you make time in the day for just you?

In our world of constant we can feel like there’s not enough time to ever get anything done. There is, we just aren’t doing it right.

Here’s a quick action drill to start gaining some “me time” back in your day:

• Try to get up a little bit before everyone else in your house. Yes, this might mean you need to go to bed earlier

• Start with 15 minutes at any given point in the day and turn your phone off. Grab a book, grab a notepad, or pop in your headphones and listen to some music, or my personal favorite: just sit and be quiet. Bump this time up as it allows

• Utilize the last time of the day for yourself. The previous bullet point applies here.

Start making more time for yourself – you’ve earned it.

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