What’s the purpose?

An excerpt from my journal written on March 1, 2021 (with added notes in red):

It’s 5:30am and I sit here wondering what my purpose is in this life. Maybe this is a lingering question we will always have that never really gets satisfied. Maybe there isn’t really a deep rooted purpose, but a constantly evolving surface level ideal…

“What’s my purpose today?” as a likely example. I know I have responsibilities, but how do these tie to purpose? I find them laboring, yet that is life. EVERY ACTION REQUIRES ENERGY AS ITS FORM OF CURRENCY. (I’m going to TM that) What am I willing to give my energy to today? I have a dedicated allotment to my family. Sometimes other this peel from this energy not giving me the full attention I require to stay true to this responsibility.

Is purpose something we must question continually? One day I feel different to the next. Motivation is high, effort is low…others are quite the opposite. How does that in itself define purpose?

Things I enjoy:
• Giving people nutrition advice but not necessarily working directly with them (NOTE: I feel this is more a reflection of wanting to be heard globally – I truly enjoy working with individuals)
• Lifestyle focus and guidance – probably more than the above (nutrition work)
• Business
• Learning
• Self Improvement
• Sharing of Knowledge (expanding on the idea in the nutrition note)

So, what is my purpose today?

  1. Prepare for the coming change
  2. Reflect on how far you’ve come (need to do this more regularly)
    • What have you gained?
    • What have you lost?
  3. Stop thinking so much about the next move and focus on what is in front of you (YES)
  4. Be present
  5. Be joyful
  6. Consistently think back to the things that you enjoy

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