It’s What You’re Not Doing That Matters

I want to set something straight…it’s not what you’re currently doing, but rather what you’re not doing. 

Let me explain. 

People typically walk into my gym looking to get fit.

Makes sense right?

The good news is that they’ve taken the first step of health by walking into a gym. A couple month’s pass and they just aren’t seeing the results they want. They have started “eating better” and aren’t “drinking as much as they used to”, yet they just can’t seem to hit a good stride with their fitness goals.

Some are more fortunate than others in this arena.

There’s a synergy that happens when everything in your life is being looked after. If you’re active regularly, eating properly, getting good sleep, reducing your stress, getting some sun, minimizing your evening tv, curbing your alcohol intake, drinking plenty of water some really awesome things can start to happen.

That was a non exhaustive list by the way… But here’s the thing – Somebody could be doing all those things but one and still not see the results they want. 

I’ll let you in on a little secret: it’s pretty damn hard to be fit and it requires constant work to be and stay healthy.

That said, the concept is actually really easy. It’s the implementation that’s the real bitch. This shouldn’t come as a surprise though since you can go out into ANY public space and see the current state of our population.

So, let’s look at that list again: regular activity, proper eating, focusing on sleep, doing things to reduce your stress, getting regular sun exposure, turning off the television at night, watching how much booze you drink, and getting plenty of water. Now let’s circle back to the statement that started this…it’s not what you’re currently doing, but rather what you’re not.

If you’re someone who is trying to lose weight but it’s just not happening and you think that you’re doing everything right…think again. Audit everything you’re doing and see what YOU’RE NOT DOING. In my experience the biggest factors are stress, sleep, and alcohol which all have a relatable existence. 

If you were doing everything right, it would come off. I’m not arguing time here as it will be different for everyone.

Which leads back into the thought that being healthy is hard work and why we don’t live in a world of fit individuals. 

I’ll finish with this: It’s really easy to blame other things for why you’re not seeing a result that you want.

It’s easy to blame the fitness program for not shredding your midline. “I’m not seeing the results I want.” is something that is commonly spouted. But here’s the thing – we NEED to start taking responsibility for what we aren’t doing as to why the results are being shown. It’s not the programs fault…it’s your fault plain and simple.

So, if you’re struggling right now in an area of your life, take a few minutes to think about what isn’t being addressed. ALL OF IT. Be honest with yourself. Get some outside feedback. Having an external perspective can go a long way especially when you feel that you’re doing everything right. Take responsibility for the things that need to be addressed and watch what happens when you do.

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