So, I’ve jumped into a new career, he says 6 months later…

If you hadn’t seen, I have now been working in the mortgage industry for close to 6 months and yes, it’s been great!
Some are just now finding out about it and I wanted to explain a little behind that reasoning, or lack thereof, because I feel there’s a valuable lesson to be taken away from it.

I have worked for myself and had business partners for 12 years now. I have created companies, lost companies, and sold companies in the process.

Here’s a short list for those keeping track:

• Grapevine CrossFit – active
• RX Outfitters – defunct 
• Seven Twelve Clothing Boutique – defunct
• American Shaman CBD – sold
• Vino Coterie Wine Suppliers – active

My identity was tied to this process, or at least I thought so. This thought or idea of being an entrepreneur. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in this time it’s that I have a very entrepreneurial heart and spirit. 

Honestly, diving back into the financial world was really the last thing I thought I would do, but here we are.
For those that don’t know, I graduated from college (University of North Texas) with a Business degree in Finance.

My first job out of school was in commercial lending. It’s something I know, and really something that was enjoyable – I just had to “find myself” and it didn’t fit at the time.

Flat out, I kind of felt like a failure and a bit of a sellout. If you hand out in the entrepreneurial space long enough you’ll start believing that anything outside of that is a failure. Also, how can I push this mindset of confidence and “just do it” if I’m not even comfortable in what I’m doing?

I felt like a fraud.

Now, as I talk with people and discuss this change I have come to realize that’s not it at all. 

Certain things had to be done which drove me out of my comfort zone. When I get uncomfortable, I put my head down and get to work. Thanks CrossFit!

Truthfully, I’m evolving. 

Full transparency: I have been the biggest financial burden on my gym since it was created. For good reason too, because I have been “the face” for a long time if not the entire time.

Things are different now to then in that I have a family of four, other obligations, and not enough of me to go around. So, to help pour back into the company, the biggest burden needs to be taken out of the accounting. Sounds pretty entrepreneurial to me to when you look and think about it that way.

This is another rung on the ladder to greatness in my life. I get to use the skills I’ve learned over the years and the network I’ve built on this new journey. I still get to help people solve problems. I get to open up bigger opportunities in my business because I’m no longer weighing it down.

It’s really liberating.

So after all that here’s the lesson: 

I’ve come to the realization that it’s ok to redefine yourself. It’s ok to let your identity morph it something bigger and better. And really the biggest lesson of all with this is that who gives a flying fuck what other people think. I push it, so I need to act it. 

People change, ideals change, thoughts change, and circumstances change – sometimes we just need to roll with it. 

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