What it takes to be “successful”.

One’s definition of success can easily vary from the next, but the context of success is what I’m really after here. I had a friend post a question on LinkedIn the other day:

“If you were asked what the number one trait is to be successful what would it be?”

Now there were a lot of great answers to this:

• Humility
• Determination
• Attitude
• Grit
• Perseverance
• Discipline

But I would argue, and I will here, that while these are all catchy they are simply by-products of the true key to success which is consistency.

Consistency in every single step that it takes to accomplish what you’re trying to.

You don’t get in shape by not going to the gym or not being active daily.

You don’t lose weight by eating right sometimes.

You don’t get promoted at work by showing up half the time.


Without consistency, you don’t get the chance to have humility, create determination, formulate a positive attitude, establish grit, develop discipline, or even persevere.

I have had the pleasure of seeing this first hand in my very own lab, Grapevine CrossFit. Those that made the changes in their lives to be consistent with a healthy lifestyle are the ones that were successful every.single.time.

Consistency breeds determination and perseverance.

Consistency breeds grit.

Consistency, with the right actions, breeds success in whatever definition that you think of it in.

If you’re not doing the small things every single day that add up to the big picture, then how can you even define success?

Does this makes sense? Do you agree, or do you have a different idea as to what trait equals success?

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