Right or Right Now?

We all have this image of what something looks like when we want to do it. You want to start a business and you see yourself making “so much money”, but on day 1 you realize this shit is gonna be hard work.

These grandiose images are our drivers while at the same time being a curse. This is what perfection looks like to us and ultimately it’s what holds us back from starting something or moving forward with something that we want to do.

I’ve argued the point many times over that the best time to start is right now.

Start what you ask???

Well, anything!

What’s that thing you’ve been putting off because the timing isn’t exactly right? What’s that thing you’ve been putting off because it seems too hard to accomplish? What’s that thing you’ve been putting off because you feel like you’re not the right person to do it?

Did any of those hit a nerve?

In the fitness business it generally loos like this:

“I’ll start my diet on Monday.”

“I have too much going on right now.”

“I’ve got a lot of things coming up this month, so I’ll have to work on my diet next month” – next month rolls around and it’s always the same excuse.

“I’m traveling a lot this month so I’ll have to hit the gym next month.” – spoiler…this tends to be a long weekend or one week, and literally makes the least amount of sense of the bunch.

In your life it may look that that or maybe it’s something like:

“I’ll start doing videos on social media when I’m more comfortable”

“I’ll start making posts when I gain a bigger following.”

“I’ll start that side hustle when I have more time.”

“I’ll talk to my boss about that project that could elevate my career next week.”

I’ve got some news for you. There’s always going to be something that tries or is going to interfere with your plans.

Ultimately that shouldn’t make “Now” any different than later in starting something you want or need to do.

The timing will never be perfect, NEVER. How you react to the situations that want to interfere is what matters.

A mentor of mine has said this: “The path to perfection is improvement. As long as we’re making improvements, perfection’s on the horizon.”

You can get things right or more towards perfect in the process by starting right now, instead of waiting for the perfect time or when it’s “right”.

I challenge you to take some time today and think about all those little (or big) things that you’ve put off for the sake of timing or perfection.

What’s one you can start today?

Now go do it!

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