You gotta do the hard work…

What you are doing today won’t show its results until later. “Later” is an undefined amount of time that it takes to get there.

Later is why we quit. Later is why we justify our actions that go against what we are trying to accomplish. Later kills our goals and dreams because we haven’t learned how to accept discomfort, discipline, consistency, and routine as a natural part of our existence.

Think about it in these terms: If you want to drop some weight you have to eat right and exercise for a given amount of time to make that happen. That in itself should be explanation enough on how the entire world works.

You lose weight by eating right EVERY SINGLE DAY and exercising EVERY SINGLE DAY. Someone becomes a star in their given sport by practicing DAILY.

And here’s the kicker…you have to do it even when you don’t want to. This is where the magic happens. If you want to talk about resilience and will power, that is a huge piece in flexing that muscle.

We get stronger and more sharp from doing the things that are hard, i.e. that we don’t want to.

Put in the work today, tomorrow, the next day and look where you’ll end up 6 months from now, hell even a year! You’ll look back and say “Man, that was hard.” but the gain that you’ve had will be worth it. You’ll be stronger both mentally and physically and who wouldn’t want that.

So what’s your excuse today?

Are you ready to get to work?

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