Want to get healthier?

Here’s a fun fact: EFFECTIVE weight loss is boring, plain and simple.

For weight loss to be effective we need to stick to the basics, and well, the basics are monotonous, routine, boring, unexciting…but fortunately for you, they absolutely work if you’re willing to do them.

It’s in our nature to want to do everything that we are doing now, and still lose weight…am I right? Do me a favor. Slap yourself across the face and snap out of it, because that’s just fucking silly.

I can’t tell you how many folks I’ve worked with that “want to lose weight” but aren’t willing to take some time off of the shit that simply isn’t working for them. They’ll blame me, blame the program, blame the circumstances, but never themselves, when the answer is literally right there…do the basics.

What’s funny is the perception of the basic work isn’t complicated enough for it to seem effective. That’s right…”it can’t be that simple” is the typical mentality. Really, it’s simple in theory, not in execution. You have to be willing to eat the same food and follow the same routine for as long as it’s needed to get where you want to be.

Does it have to be perfect? No, but the closer you are the easier it will be, and more effective. Emphasis on effective…and that’s what I really want to drive home here.

If you’re frustrated with “not being able to lose weight”, THIS IS FOR YOU.

So what are the basics? If you find a few posts prior you’ll see one about the plate method. This is about as basic bitch as we can get it and that’s a great starting point. To dig further here’s a simple list you can use:

  • start with the plate method – again, refer back to that post.
  • focus mainly on macro dominant foods – but B, what the fuck is a MDF??? Glad you asked: Whole foods. Think lean chicken or fish, green vegetables, starchy carbs like rice, and oils for a fat additive, not pizza.
  • Do this 3 to 5 times daily. Spoiler, start with 3 and see how you feel. Chances are you’ll have to add another. 4 is a good start and generally tends to be more food than most actually eat in real time.
  • Need more energy? Good. Guidelines for intense exercisers – add some in the form of carbs to 1 meal daily (via the plate method) and do that for a week. Still need more? add it to 2 meals daily for a week. Guidelines for low intensity exercisers – add an extra serving of fat (via the plate method) to 1 meal daily and do that for a week. Still need more? Hopefully you get the idea here.
  • Follow this for however long you need to so that you can EFFECTIVELY hit your goal.

Yes it’s boring. Yes it monotonous, BUT IT WORKS. I’ll even bet you $1000 it works if you can follow it for 12 weeks without fail and prove you didn’t lose any weight.

Y’all…this stuff is not hard. Our heads are hard. We get dug in deep and don’t want to face our realities with facts.

Give it a shot. Learn some things about yourself and your body and get fucking lean along the way.

Much love!

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