Schedule is everything…

We need schedules, we thrive off structure. Don’t agree? Children are the ultimate tell-tale on this reality. Find a well-mannered kid and I’ll show you household that reinforces a consistent routine with those kids.

How do I know this? I have 2 of those said kids. We’ve spent the last four years being schedule heavy with our kids. This started with the first who is now almost 4. It’s where I also learned the personal benefits of scheduling with my own life because without it, I would’ve never had the chance to get shit done.

As we advance into adulthood we lose this focus to be structured. I bet if you think back long and hard to kids that were super successful in your high school or college they lived a life of structure and planning. Take a sec and remember those folks.

Same goes for the latter years in our lives. We don’t thrive in chaos. There are definitely outliers to this philosophy, but there’s always outliers in any scenario. Chances are you aren’t the outlier, even if you think so.

What I mean by structure and schedules is this: Do you have a routine that looks similar day to day and do you plan your day by the hour?

I know that over time we tend to look at routine with some form of disdain – “I’m stuck in this rut of every day being the same”. There’s a difference between having a set structure and everyday being the same. The nuances in the day are lost on us. We will get up, have our coffee, get the kids ready for school, go to work, hit the gym, come home, have dinner, and go to bed.

Where we lose sight is the fact that each day presents its own challenges within that structure, but it’s that structure that can help to keep us honest and on track with everything else that we do!

Here’s a simple action to start – grab your phone, open your calendar (I personally use google calendar because it can sync with so many other applications and you can have all your data in one spot), and start putting in the things that need to get done in time blocks. This in itself keeps you honest.

• 4:30am – wake up
• 4:45am – 30:00 walk
• 5:00am – shoot IG video
• 5:45am – drink some green juice
• 6:00am – write a blog post on scheduling
• 6:30am – go thru schedule for the week
• 7:00am – kids get up
• 9:30am – 12:30pm – work at gym

…and so on.

A pen and paper can accomplish the same thing, but I find it best to have notifications blasting me, again, to help keep me honest and on track. While this may seem a bit over the top I’d like you to ask yourself how your daily routine is working out for you now. Do you always feel behind? Do you always feel like there’s not enough time?

Try this. Practice it consistently for a month. Your sanity will thank you at the end.

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