The Demons come out at night…

“Remember, the Demons come out at night.”

This was something my dad used to tell me during the time I was opening the gym in 2009. He was 100% convinced that it was the wrong move and that I was going to fail miserably. Not necessarily because he thought I was an idiot, but more so because of the state of the nation at that point in time. He was also questioning why  I had spent 6.5 years (yes 6.5 years, and no I’m not a doctor) getting an education to “not really use it”. On that aspect, I have used it a lot…I have a business degree in finance which has actually helped me a lot along the years.

But, he wasn’t to blame for being concerned. He grew up through a period when recessions were rampant and a time when going to college and moving into the corporate world was the avenue to success. When I wanted to go out on my own, America was just picking up the pieces from what was dubbed the Great Recession (Dec. 2007 – June 2009) stemming from the collapse of the Real Estate Market and in his eyes opening a new business was not the right move.

I didn’t care though. For one, I thrive in the face of adversity (at a cost of my stress levels I might add), but I also new that this is what I wanted to do and there really wasn’t anything that was going to stop me from trying. I tend to invest a lot of time figuring things out and working through them so most of my hair-brained ideas aren’t just thought up and executed because I think they sound good.

So in June of 2009 I left my job at the bank and set forth to open up Grapevine CrossFit. I had everything laid out and ready to rock and just happened to be driving through the town when I saw a “For Lease” sign on our first location. I called the guy, we met that day, I signed a lease, and we were open in late August (or September…10 years does a lot to the mind).

It was amidst these early days that my dad would so often recant those words “remember, the demons come out at night”. He was alluding to the fact that in bed, at night, when everything is quiet is when we start letting the doubt and fear into our minds. The issue though was that I was young and probably none the wiser, but there was no doubt in my mind that this business was going to make it.

But he’s right you know…the demons do come out at night. While there was no doubt about the business, there was and occasionally still are, doubt in other areas. Questions like “Can I be a good owner?”, “Am I able to keep this thing a float?”, “I’m not smart enough to be a small business owner.”.

You can chalk this up to what we like to call “self doubt”.

Self doubt is defined as a lack of confidence in oneself and one’s abilities…AKA, the killer of goals and dreams. Self doubt (the demons) is notorious for poking its little sharped horned head out when you’re laying in bed and staring at the ceiling. It’s why we start something with a full steam ahead attitude and quit shortly after. It’s also what keeps us from starting a lot of the dreams we have in the first place.

Doubt is the reason you must BELIEVE that you will accomplish something like I talked about in this post here. This belief is what will fight off the thoughts when you’re most susceptible, like the middle of the night.

It’s real easy to quit. It’s real easy to just not do something because of some reason. Our giant developed brain is fickle and weak, unless you constantly spend time strengthening it. This means reminding yourself constantly of why you’re chasing a dream and why you believe you will make it. It also means utilizing some proven tools to help along your journey, whatever it may be. Things like affirmations, meditation, and visualization go a long way in helping to keep the self doubt at bay. Strategic and thought out goal setting is another.

As hokey as those things may seem the people that utilize them will tell you they work and that the Universe has a lot more sway in what happens to us that we like to give her credit. Chances are you’ve asked for something and it’s happened but maybe you just marked it down as a coincidence. Point is, it’s real shit so stop taking it for granted (I have derailed here).

I can spend plenty of time talking about all those things which I may do for further posts. Point is, that here we are just about 10 years later and the doors to the gym are still unlocked each morning for all our loving members. The demons can suck it, and only because my belief had overcome any self doubt that may have ever tried to take control. If I can run a business and handle some employees, you can absolutely do ANYTHING that you want with your life.

Stop letting the demons in.

Stop giving in to the self doubt.

Stop your mind from stopping you.

Tell them and tell your mind to shut the fuck up and lets do this.

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