Disbelief vs. Belief

Disbelief vs. Belief:

“In order to live a life you’ve never lived, you have to do things you’ve never done.” – Jen Sincero.

Belief is funny, yet powerful thing. I’m not talking about spiritual belief, but the belief that we as humans can do anything. Anything is a strong word, as we can’t jump over a building like Superman, but I think you get the point.

As kids, we were unafraid of what people thought, willing to tell the world we wanted to astronauts, Presidents, fire fighters…but very few of us actually went on to realize those dreams.

At some point we were told to be “realistic”, or that we weren’t good enough, or that we come from a family of nothing therefore you’ll never amount to anything. At some point we lost the ability to think big and believe we could do anything.

Our lives are wrought with statements and feelings of “I can’t”, “I won’t”, “it’s impossible”. What if I told you that you absolutely could, would and that it’s not impossible. Difficulty doesn’t mean impossible, it just means things are going to get uncomfortable for a bit.

Strike down these negative thoughts and start replacing them with positive ones. Things like, “I can do this!”, “I will do this!”, “No one is going to stop me!”. That last statement is the truth. No one can stop you from doing anything you want in this life but you and that’s usually the person that holds us back. Couple yourself with the beliefs (or non-beliefs) that you’ve learned over the years and it’s no wonder nothing ever gets accomplished.

In my gym, Grapevine CrossFit, we are on the back end of a 75 day challenge that has involved following a specific diet with NO cheating, drinking a gallon of water daily, and exercising for a minimum of 1 hour daily. It seems easy enough on paper but for those that have ever dieted or been consistent with physical activity for a period of time, they know that it’s a pretty big undertaking.

As for myself, I had no question I wouldn’t accomplish this. One, because I had to be the lead on it, and two because I didn’t give myself the option to quit from the beginning. I knew I could, therefore I did. (Honesty: I need to use this more in other areas of my life.)

When I set out to get this challenge rolling in the gym I knew there wouldn’t be a whole lot of takers. 10 years in this game and I have a pretty good read on what people think they want and can do. I also knew that of the ones that would take on this challenge only a select few would finish. Surprisingly, there’s more that will finish than I thought but this brings me to my next point.

The ones that failed didn’t believe they could do it from the start, or had some serious question (unless they were just being supportive of the cause) and the ones that will complete it did believe. It’s that simple. Now, the ones finishing also knew it was going to be hard and here’s where the water gets muddied a little.

When you don’t believe and things get hard you tend to let go. It’s this struggle that helps us with our disbelief’s. It’s also this struggle that keeps us focused in our beliefs. It’s really how you choose to work through the hardships that determines the outcome.

If you think I’m wrong about, take a second and look back on things you’ve quit and your current belief system. Was the doubt there from the beginning? If so, chances are that you didn’t accomplish what you set out. Change your belief, change the outcome.

Shit get’s hard and your belief that you can do it will overcome and you will carry you through. Now if you think that sentence is bullshit, just ask any religious believer how they get through their day sometimes.

So I have a challenge for you. Stop saying you can’t do something and start working your belief that you can. You can do this TODAY, right NOW, right this SECOND. It’s a simple albeit not effortless shift.

You have to constantly remind yourself. It’s really easy to say something is too hard or “I can’t do this”, and really tough to push through if you don’t set the foundation first. The foundation: believing that you can do anything.

Take a minute, close your eyes and think about something today that will be a struggle and tell yourself you got this, because you do.

Now go out there and be awesome.

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