Fear and Discomfort

Coach, friend, confidant…just a few of the roles I’ve taken on over the years being an owner of a micro gym. This position allows me to pick up on a lot of nuances with people as well as get an insight as to what’s happening behind the curtain of someone’s life.

I’ve come to learn that a big thing that holds a person back from doing something they want to in their life is fear.

Fear comes in all shapes, sizes, and types but the one that seems to stand out is that of the unknown. This one will stop someone in their tracks before they’ve even taken a step and it generally manifests itself from our own internal thoughts.

We are really good at getting inside our own heads and being our toughest critics. Unfortunately for most, the second there is a little push back we tend to give in to these thoughts and criticisms which never allows us to grow.

Uncertainty is produced from the fear of not knowing what will happen if we allow ourselves to try to win.

What I’m trying to point out here is that the fear of the unknown or uncertainty is a fear created from anything that is outside of your comfort zone. The problem with staying in your comfort zone is that it’s outside of the zone where the magic happens.

Change happens when we are uncomfortable.

The other issue with staying inside your comfort zone is that being too comfortable eventually leads to discomfort. The discomfort of knowing that you could be doing more or that you’re not doing enough. Can you say mid life crisis?

Think about something that you’ve done in your life that required hard work to get through. Now think of the fear and discomfort that was associated with that hard work. Was it worth it in the end. I’m willing to bet it was.

So why aren’t we harnessing this fear more often and turning into something great? Why are we not willing to be a little uncomfortable today to produce some comfort later? Why are we not doing more today so we won’t be questioning why we didn’t?

Take a few minutes and think about where you are in your life. Are you happy with it? Are you going to be happy with it 5 years from now? 10 years?

Is there something that you can set forth today that will make that answer a yes? If so, stop thinking about it and let’s get after it!

One small step today equals thousands of steps over time which takes you a greater distance from where you are right now.

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