Stop betting on the short term and go long.

This may get a little heated…

I’ve been in the fitness game for over 10 years now and know some shit, which is why I decided to actually start talking about it. There’s a real problem in this realm right now and it’s that EVERYONE is or wants to be a fucking fitness coach and has some piece of advice or information that “will work for you”. I’m not sure why the influx over the past few years, but it seems anyone who has lost weight, has a tight ass or has a six pack, now has the right to dish out information based on something that was successful for them.

And the problem???

People eat this shit up, Problem 2, what has worked for them is not going to work for everyone and these “coaches” are doing people a disservice attempting this, especially the ones pitching short term plans for quick results…the bane to the fitness existence.

The majority of information out there is bull shit plain and simple. Any program that promises you some sort of result over a short period of time is bull shit. The people that sell them, are bull shit. I know what you’re thinking…this dude is just a hater. Maybe so, but I’d rather have 100 lifetime clients because what I tell them works than having to hustle every day to gain more followers of my program because it doesn’t work long term.

My issue with all of this…it’s insulting to anyone who’s been in this game long enough to know what actually works. It’s also insulting because people think it’s so fucking easy to just be a health and fitness coach. Let me ask you this…if you had some success in the stock market because you got lucky are you gonna go be a stock broker? No. So why the fuck do you think this applies to fitness?

Now, I’m not saying don’t pursue something you’re passionate about. But take some time to learn about what’s going on in the real world and not just what is happening around yours.

So let me get to point of this:

The issues listed above are problematic because it’s creating a population of people looking for quick fixes and immediate gratification. I see this all the time in our gym. Someone comes in and then ends up leaving in a month or two because they haven’t seen the results they were looking for.

Now here’s where I get even more pissy.

To those people (the immediate gratification folks), I’m gonna give you the big middle finger. Before you get upset just listen up for a minute, just as I listened to your garbage explanation about why you’re quitting.

This attitude is also an insult. It’s an insult to the one’s that have been consistently going to the gym for years. The one’s that “eat crazy” because they want to look their best or perform at their best. The one’s that have sacrificed their weekends because it will impede their health. The one’s that YOU LOOK AT IN THE GYM AND WONDER WHY THEY ARE SO FIT!

You want to know why they are fit? Well here’s the secret sauce: We have invested in the long term solution.

What’s the long term solution? I hope you have your wallet ready. The long term solution is TIME and CONSISTENCY. It’s literally that simple. Spend time in the gym and you get fit. Spend years in the gym and you’re even more fit. Not seeing the results you want to see in a month? Fuck you, and go back to your couch.

I’m not the fittest person in the room by any means, but I can hold my own especially when it comes to CrossFit. I can also go out at anytime and hold my own on a long distance trail run or bike, I can swim countless meters with no issue, and I’ve NEVER had a catastrophic injury in the last 15 years. I laugh every single time that I get the response from someone “You’re fit because you own a gym.” No mother fucker, I’m fit because I’ve worked out 3-6 days a week for the past 15 fucking years and haven’t eaten like an asshole for most of it. Go back and read that sentence again.

Does it help that I own a gym? Maybe, but I have a life and a job just like everyone else. Our gym doesn’t just magically run itself because I’m working out all the time. That poses the question also: “If I spent all my time working out, would this place even run?” No.

I enjoy working out. Over the years it’s priority has changed, but it still remains a priority no matter what is going on in my life. I can also say that there are times that I’m not motivated, or take off a week or two and cut down on the times I work out because one I’m human, and two like I mentioned…priorities. This isn’t an excuse to make my health important though. 15 years of consistency goes a long way in being able to manage your time off.

The point of all this is that I’m tired.

I’m tired of people expecting results from eating good for a few weeks or hitting the gym for a month.

I’m tired of seeing people that have lost weight suddenly become fitness experts.

I’m tired of seeing good athletes think they can make ANYONE into a good athlete.

I’m tired of seeing people give up because their expectations are unrealistic.

Things take time. Anything that is worth doing takes time. How long did it take to get your education? Did you like it the whole time? Was it boring sometimes? Was it monotonous? Did you just not go some days because you were sick or just not feeling it? Why can’t your health be the same way? Ditch the short term thinking. Realize that the only way you’re going to be successful  with your health and fitness is by being consistent and putting in the time.

And to all the new health and fitness “gurus” out there…Just stop.

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