How Habits Create Discipline

So you’re spending some time starting to develop habits that will last you a lifetime…At least that’s what we are going for here! Last week I discussed how habits were greater than motivation and I want to follow that up with a talk on discipline.
If there was a formula for success in anything it would probably look something like this:


Ok, so I literally just made that up and if you’re a math expert I don’t want to hear about how wrong it is…but you get the picture, at least I hope so.

We know that motivation will only get you so far until created habits keep you going. The more you practice a habit the more it becomes a part of you, meaning the more ingrained it is in your life. This in turn leads to discipline which is the main factor in being successful in ANYTHING in life.
If you follow any millionaire/billionaire business person or any elite level athlete you’ll see this common theme and it’s the habits they’ve practiced consistently that lead them to the discipline they’ve used daily to create the lives they live. I’m not saying you need to live like they do, but applying some of those ideas to your life will reap a huge dividend.

Studies suggest that it takes about 21 days of consistent effort to start creating a habit. What if you were able to carry something like that on for 6 months, 1 year, or 3 years? Would you agree that would equal discipline? Do you think if you were to eat right, get 8+ hours of sleep a night, not drink any alcohol, work out 3-5 days a week, and relax more for 3 years straight that you’d be in the best health you’ve ever seen? The answer is yes.

So why not start today, and carry it on tomorrow, and then through the week. Start working on the things that will create a healthier life for yourself. Start looking at your health as a discipline and a mindset, not just something that you have to do, but you want to do.

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